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A device, when combined with Scout's companion smartphone app can track a person's heart rate, breathing rate, body temperature, pulse transit (essentially systolic blood pressure) and blood oxygenation. (Engadget)

6.8 吋海信 X1 超大手機主站動手玩

Neptune Pine:披著手錶外衣的智慧型手機

OMsignal's biometric shirt watches you breathe, tells your smartphone about it

OMsignal's biometric shirt watches you breathe, tells your smartphone about it | It was just a matter of time before we had shirts to gather data. I would believe that this would be focused toward exercising or an active day out.

Rocki turns your old sound system into WiFi-enabled speakers

The key moment: When you go from wishing something existed to actually finding it. And therein lies the difference between having a product that gets seldom use vs having one that sticks with you for a while. As I've discovered, Rocki is the latter.

iOximeter monitors your heart-rate, is powered by your phone's headphone socket

Announcing the Insert Coin: New Challengers semi-finalists!

A smartphone-powered oximeter that relies on a headphone jack for charging. This iOS and Android compatible device helps you keep track of your pulse rate and blood oxygen levels.

Researchers at ETH Zurich have created an app that allows an ordinary smartphone to capture and display three-dimensional models of real-world objects, for subsequent finessing or even 3D printing.

Wireless Key Locators

The Smart Key Finder helps you track down lost keys in no time. By pushing a button, this intelligent tracking device helps locate one's keys. (I wonder if they make one for phones?)