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Somewhere in downtown, Amman, Jordan!

Somewhere in downtown, Amman, Jordan!

katie-scarlet:  faithhopeloveanbutterflies:  halosandsunshine:  You are always gorgeous faithhopeloveanbutterflies just sayin.  Thank you Ms. Halo!! Right back atcha!! halosandsunshine  You do passionatebluedesire sassy-pantz groovergirl memoryanddesire-stirring kerbear01 hptals mkes2 gwynfdd cajundaisy victoriasonesecret beautiful-blue-eyed-girl hisprincessblueeyes babygirl-bella and so many more!!!  Awwww…Thank you katie-scarlet. Right back at cha

You are looking gorgeous today! - Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. And remember: flaws make people even more interesting.

I didn't make this but I love it. For anyone who has been here, please applaud yourself for your amazing ability to move on. You're great because you don't let one person's mistake ruin your outlook on the world. And you bring beauty into the world by trusting, though people may not be trustworthy, what you call "naïve" I call a variation of faith. -Thejuliele

The Continous Interior

I’m never shocked when people let me down nowadays. I just hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place.

‏‎‪#goodmorning‬‏ ‎‪#Jordan‬‏ ‎‪#amman‬‏ ‎‪#PicOfTheDay‬‏ #صباح_الخير  ‏‫#صباح_الخير_يا_‏‎‪عرب

‏‎‪#goodmorning‬‏ ‎‪#Jordan‬‏ ‎‪#amman‬‏ ‎‪#PicOfTheDay‬‏ #صباح_الخير ‏‫#صباح_الخير_يا_‏‎‪عرب



‏‎‪#goodmorning‬‏ ‎‪#Jordan‬‏ ‎‪#amman‬‏ ‎‪#PicOfTheDay‬‏ #صباح_الخير  ‏‫#صباح_الخير_يا_‏‎‪عرب‬‏

‏‎‪#goodmorning‬‏ ‎‪#Jordan‬‏ ‎‪#amman‬‏ ‎‪#PicOfTheDay‬‏ #صباح_الخير ‏‫#صباح_الخير_يا_‏‎‪عرب‬‏

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„I miss you” in french.

In French, you don't really say "I miss you." You say, "tu me manques" which means "You are missing from me." I love that. Loving each other, wherever you are. Barb you are missing from us

You are the victim by al 3adat I taqleed  #Amman #jo #Quotes

you are a victim of the rules you live by Favorite Artist: Jenny Holzer.

A little smile with your coffee - Collection of funny coffee memes.

A little smile with your coffee - Funny Coffee Memes

Peres Lauds Arab Initiative

President Shimon Peres once again expresses support for a “two-state solution”.

Petra Jordan....the most awesome place !

Petra, Jordan The first view of the ancient town, approaching it from the canyon, is breathtaking. Also the place where they filmed Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

AMMAN, Jordan (AP)" "Syrian rebels led by al-Qaida-linked fighters seized control of a predominantly Christian village northeast of Damascus...forcing hundreds of residents to flee...The battle over Maaloula, an ancient village that is home to two of oldest surviving monasteries in Syria, has thrown a spotlight on deep-seated fears that many of Syria's religious minorities harbor about the growing role of Islamic extremists on rebel side in civil war against Pres. Assad's regime." [cont…

In this Saturday, Sept. 2013 photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, a Syrian military solider fires a heavy machine gun during clashes with rebels in Maaloula village, northeast of the capital Damascus, Syria.