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XD thats the best comment ever

hahahahahaha whos flat now hahahaha why do I find this so funny?


Ashes compressed into gemstone jewel sword avenge I will not die unless I am killed I can assure you

I'm learning to drive I'm gonna say this to my mom and see what she says

No but in drivers training the instructor asked us if we had any driving experience at all and I said I play a lot of Mario cart!

I just sat there for 10 minutes silently laughing my ass off so I don't wake anyone up

you must be his 'mum feels him'. out of context it sounds bad and it's illegal.

Get out of jail free card.

Monopoly get out of jail free card how to get out of detention drama class how do u kick a ceiling


Hahhaha this is something I would so do. I don't have blonde moments I have blonde days. This is definitely one of them. I feel so dumb omg.

Monday Morning Randomness - Gallery

Monday Morning Randomness

Dark white shirt I'm literally dying of laughter right now oh my gosh

Seriously cant stop laughing!

Funny pictures about Ohana means family. Oh, and cool pics about Ohana means family. Also, Ohana means family.

Tumblr everyone, Tumblr

So I watch Sesame Street with my toddler. Every time the Mister Noodle routine is on, this story is all I can think of.