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Seriously, my cockatiel used to do that all the time.

Clover, a Congo African Grey parrot shows off some of her 350 word vocabulary.

Couldn't AGREE MORE! (9gag)

I agree! Animals do not need zoos to be appreciated. Wild life should be free. No animals need any antibiotic shots or forced to perform (exploitation of animals).

aaaahhhh sooo cute

We're never fully dressed without a smile—and these dogs have the uncanny ability to smile just like a person! Check out these adorable cheese teeth portraits. Are you ready? Say "cheese!

Always...big or little parrots. You HAVE to share your food. lol

My parrot has told on me many, many times by making his "begging for food" noise when I was trying to sneak a snack. >> Our conure bobs his head when he sees my husband or me with food.

Even though you checked multiple times...

Even though you checked multiple times.and no one ever tells you.

Corre Pajarito... CORRE...!!!

Corre Pajarito... CORRE...!!!

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