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47g Natural Purple/Green Ghost Quartz Crystal Point Specimen get...

Natural Purple/Green Ghost Quartz Crystal Point Specimen get.

Happy Friday everyone!  Enjoying some purple crystal inspo from @zeadsdead these look amazing!  (Photography by @zeadsdead )

✧wanт тo ĸnow wнaт i вelieve? iт'ѕ rigнт нere, dig a liттle deeper and iт'ѕ cryѕтal clear✧

mine is yellow and i didn't even have to take the quiz ;)

What Colour Is Your Energy?

Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite with Quartz & Pyrite amethyst (Purple, crystal, gemstone, mineral) Pink Tourmaline Ring in Blackened Sterling Si.

Purple Purple Purple

Amethyst Are your kids interested in collecting rocks? Help them start their collection with these tips.

Amethyst - Minerals, Crystals, Gemstones, Natural Formations

Chakra Gemstones: Beautiful Healing

amethyst [ ámmithəst ] quartz: a translucent violet precious stone that is a variety of quartz. sapphire: a purple variety of corundum. purple: a bluish purple color

Titanium Quartz macro shot by Fortoebare @ Flickr

Macro shot of some titanium quartz - a curio from Ullapool Post Office, as it happens, but no local associations - just part of their geode stock to tempt the tourists!