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MOUNTAIN SWEET YELLOW: This is the yellow fleshed selection made from Mountain Sweet. Mountain Sweet was popular throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York in the 1800’s. Produces large amounts of marketable fruits year-after-year. Oblong striped fruits weight 20-35 pounds and have deep yellow, firm sweet flesh. Widely adapted strain. 90 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

ORANGEGLO: One of the best orange fleshed watermelons. Brilliant deep orange flesh is sugary, crisp and almost tropical tasting. Fruits weight 15-20 pounds. 90 days

PINK BOAR: Striking looks, outrageous flavor that is sweet, rich and juicy. A solid producer year-after-year. Aggressive grower. Port wine color with metallic silver green stripes, dark red interior. Indeterminate, 75 days from transplant. CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY MOSA.

INDIGO ‘ROSE’: Stunning “blue tomato!” The 2-3" fruits are purple/black due to high anthocyanin levels, with rosy undersides and deep red flesh. Strong acidic flavor. Best eaten when fruit begins to turn red. Bred by Dr. Jim Myers at Oregon State using traditional plant breeding techniques. The fruits draw their color from the wild tomatoes found in the Galapagos Islands and Peru. Semi-Determinate. 75 days from transplant. PVP 201100302 CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY MOSA

CITRON-RED SEEDED: Extremely hard to find and almost extinct. A centuries old heirloom grown for making preserves and sweetmeats that are used in fruitcakes, cookies and puddings. Fruits can be stored for up to a year. Very productive. 90 days.

FAIRYTALE: A.k.a. Musquee de Provence. A French “cheese” pumpkin from the South of France. A popular market variety, often sold by the “slice” to shoppers. Introduced to American gardeners in 1899 by the Vaughan’s Seed House of Chicago. Superb eating qualities, deep orange flesh. A good keeper. 90-100 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC BY MOSA

MOON & STARS-VAN DOREN Originally introduced in 1926 by Peter Henderson and Company. Thought to be extinct until it was re-discovered near Macon, Missouri growing in the garden of Merle Van Doren. Fruits and foliage are green spotted with yellow, fruits almost always have one larger moon. Not just a novelty, this is a very good eating melon too. Fruits weight 15-20 pounds and have sweet pink flesh. 95-100 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

ORANGE JAZZ: Orange beefsteak with yellow stripes. Very unique looking tomato. Sweet flavor has hints of peaches. This is a great tomato for specialty farmers. This variety has been selected under disease pressure for the past 5 years, and it forms very vigorous vines that are relatively resistant to fungal pathogens. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

CHRIS CROSS: This variety is the result of a cross made between Hawksbury and Dixie Queen made by Chris Christensen around 1950 in Montrose, Iowa. Thought to be extinct. Good yields of 15-20 pound fruits. Sweet, dark pink flesh. Well adapted to the Midwest. 85-90 days. CERTIFIED ORGANIC

CRIMSON SWEET: An All American Selections winner in 1964. Recognized around the world as one of the best open pollinated varieties for home and market. Deep red flesh, high sugar content and few seeds. Good disease resistance. 80-90 days.