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Arwen (Liv Tyler) Lord of the Rings 2001. The movie is filled with tons of beautiful costumes but the one to showcase Arwen in promotions for the films is what is called "The Blood Dress." The name is attributed to the gorgeous velvet bell sleeve. It has a red underdress with gold embroidery and a dark burgundy over dress.

Lost in thoughts and in feelings of things to come, she walked her father's halls. She could only grasp the edge of the things that were coming, for full sight was not granted to one who did not bind herself to it, and yet these glimmers were enough to trouble her. She felt powerless against the darkness to come, and all her light and healing she had learned seemed to fade before it.

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Collar. Layers. Beading. Shimmer. Sleeves. Shimmer. No visible shaping seams/darts/

Arwen's Moonlight Dress. Made of Velvet with pressed ornamentation, sleeves + belt of pure silk. Handmade brooch in moon-shape. Very elvish! Seems to come directly from the Lord of the Rings-movies!