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One of the biggest names in Hollywood turns his back on his Potter days and proves just how scary he can be... BUT can Daniel Radcliffe, star of Woman in Black, rise to the challenge and frighten T4's Matt Edmondson? @T4witter http://www.channel4.com/t4 http://www.facebook.com/thisist4

Today is Daniel Radcliffe's 25th birthday! Dan Rad (we're close) is one of my favorite people ever. Seriously, I love him so much. Yes, it's partially because he IS Harry Potter. I mean, HP changed...

Daniel Radcliffe. Honestly, I'd love him just because he's Harry Potter, but he also just comes off as this amazingly funny, intelligent, candid, humble guy.

Daniel Radcliffe 'SNL' Promos: 'Harry Potter' Star Confuses Jason Sudeikis (VIDEO) I LOVE HIM!!!!!!

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