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Sans and Toriel - comic - http://mod2amaryllis.tumblr.com/post/132920743022/someone-put-out-the-idea-that-sans-would-practice

This is freaking sweet. Sweet even though I kinda ship Sans with Frisk (Don't freaking ask why, I have no idea and I am scared of myself because of it) It's still sweet


In grade i was told that by taking your fist and fitting it into the pelvis region would help identify the sex of a skeleton. Then i thought of Frisk learning that, i swear it was funnier in my.

Undertale - stop linking Tumblr nonsense, nobody cares - The Something Awful Forums

Here it is, the Full Set of Undertale Tarot Cards! After a solid month of drawing the Major Arcana is complete. You can view them at a larger resolution here! For reference: 00 - The Fool: Frisk I -.

Undertale:*Hands back of feels* Me:I'm sorry... I never had permission to go on a feels trip. Can I go home now? Undertal:*Seems to consider it for a few second before shaking head* Me:Ok then...*cries silently*

When i do the genocide route end i kill sans i started to cry like a baby(like when i kill papyrus)

ACE IS 4'5

local skeleton man cursed 2 be picked up and carried around by everyone he loves