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"Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace."

Don't Hold a Grudge

Quote: "Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace." Lesson to learn: Being angry at someone hurts only you. Let go of your anger, not for the other person, but for yourself.

#Forgiveness does not change the #past but it does enlarge the #future ~ #quote

Best Quote by Paul Boese: Forgiveness does not change the past, bu

Quick tips to help you keep those resolutions

~Audrey Hepburn — This is just a great quote all the way around! Can be applied to so many different situations in my life working out, marriage, cancer.nothing is impossible. The word Itself says "I'm Possible". Love it!

Forgive and move forward...I did

forgiveness is important, I am glad I have had many role models teach me the true meaning of forgiveness. Since then much weight has been lifted off my shoulders. But certain ppl take longer to notice you've forgiven them or they're just too proud.

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Forgiveness: It’s not because they deserve it; it’s because you do. Sometimes forgiveness is about loving yourself enough to move on.

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Apologizing doesn't mean you're right or wrong it just means you value your relationship more than your ego. So true. That's why I apologized first.

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Great things ahead :)

Inspiring Quotes: What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.