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Loaded Broccoli & Cheese Twice Baked Potato!
Ownage - ZachDude how drunk was i last night?Well you climbed a tree yelling 'OH MY GOD! look how big this piece of broccoli is!'  Oh shit
Illustrations that make you think…
....Filthy mudblood http://media-cache6.pinterest.com/upload/241294492505342344_ugC5sq1Q_f.jpg brittybear1648 funny haha s
Glee, Sue and Mercedes. Hands down my favorite show!!!
Here are some simple, yet useful, life hacks for geeky parents.
Broccoli House ~ "Lamenting that he couldn’t build a real tree house for his son, Brock Davis set out to build this Broccoli House using some glue and balsa wood. I love this so much." ~ by Christopher
I would so accept a date and some broccoli from a dude that did that for me, and I don't even like broccoli :P
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