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Photo: Benedict Cumberbatch supports feminism in the "This is what a feminist looks like." Whistles for Fawcett t-shirt for ELLE MAGAZINE (UK).

It comes after scientists said they believe the Oscar-nominated actor is a distant relation of the late king

Benedict Cumberbatch looks dapper at Richard III's re-burial at Leicester Cathedral

Loved this pic! So I chose to play with the filter...

Just stop. Rolling up your sleeve should not be drool inducingly sexy but when he does it, it is! I just can't take it! Ugh and the suspenders!

Love that crinkle between his eyebrows... :) Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock's face when he's trying to understand ordinary people. <--He needs to try to understand ordinary people more often if that's his trying-to-understand-ordinary-people face.