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having dilemma in choosing a laptop? this article might be helpful

Optimizing Images For Best Social Sharing. via @annazubarev

In this latest blog post, I am sharing my ultimate cheat sheet on how to properly optimize images for social sharing. There comes that moment when you discover great content and want to Pin it and share it with your fellow Pinners. And then you click to pin and completely wrong image comes up if any for you to pin… what a bummer! From small content creators to major influencers, I’ve seen it time-to-time this dilemma of incorrect optimized images for a blog. via @annazubarev via @http...

Oh Just A Little Miscommunication

This happens all the time. With previous communication in the traditional era, f2f communication was more prevalent. It was straight forward and direct. In the information age, communication is centered around new media. Its much easier to get misconstrued. Ultimately, human communication is changing as a result of emerged technologies that remove f2f components and rely on 'unscrambling the puzzle'

I was just telling my husband this the other day~how I love the feel of a book in my hands and the smell of a new book!

"Architect's Brother" “We create works in response to the ever-bleakening relationship linking humans, technology, and nature. These works feature an ambiguous narrative that offers insight into the dilemma posed by science and technology’s failed promise to fix our problems, provide explanations, and furnish certainty pertaining to the human condition"- Robert and Shana Parkeharrison

DAILY DILEMMA ONE SHEET (#1) (My University Prep)

Daily Dilemma #1 Use real court cases to get your students thinking about morality, ethics, justice, and law. $

Damien Kee - LEGO NXT Resources - a huge range of links and resources for integrating Lego robotics into the classroom. A Robotics in Education mailing list is also on this site.