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Black Bear Cub by nancyjwagner, via Flickr

Black Bear Cub Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada cohen loves looking at bears

Bear Running in Water here to find out more

Charging bear by Charles Glatzer - AK brown bear charging into pool of salmon. Fortunately, this bear was inept at fishing, giving me multiple opportunities to create this image.

Why is it that animals look so cute in this position and me . . .not so much.

Also known as Grizzly bear in America. Learn more fun and easy Brown Bear Facts for Kids that are surely worth their time! What do they love to eat? How do they catch or kill their prey? Are all brown bears brown?

High Five :)

Our Beautiful World — Grizzly Cub Waving Hello! By AlaskaFreezeFrame

The spirit Bear - WTF fun facts - oh wow! Smart, so many bears & animals died to fur trappers

Kermode Bear (the rare Spirit Bear) ~ In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia ~ towering red cedars live a thousand years, and black bears are born with white fur

~~Grizzly Bear Resting on Log at Hallo Bay, Alaska by Paul Souders~~

~BIG Grizzly Bear resting/ relaxing on Log at Hallo Bay, Alaska by Paul Souders~~ What a beautiful picture and this is such a gorgeous view !

brown-bear-aka-grizzly-bear I love bears                                                                                                                                                     More

brown-bear-aka-grizzly-bear I love bear. fyi, browns are larger than grizzlies & grizzlies have humps behind their heads

chiropractic picture, good fall article

The polar bear slips on the ice just in front of the sign that says "Watch for Ice". Polar bears can't read though!

Just died laughing at this and I don't even know why. Why!  Because we have all done it at some time!!

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Sitten and thanked

Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. I thought it was a black bear, search said brawn, not brown. Correction again, BROWN BEAR someone did a typing error. //They are so magnificent EL//

Ursidae - caniformia - Spectacled Bear

[A Spectacled Bear: "Pondering Over The 'Bear' Necessities of Life] ** "Me guess food and shelter. Me don'ts worry 'bout mates cuz de females can'ts resist me.