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The Woods & Co is a recognized leader in beauty, health, fitness and fashion public relations (PR) and marketing, based in New York City and Los Angeles.


Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner in the crumbling grandeur of an antique-filled Georgian mansion, built for the Duke of Brunswick in

Kath Murdoch inquiry model article

Kath Murdoch inquiry model article


Language Arts K- 8 / Marzano Vocabulary- Six Steps for Teachers Lesson Plan Format

We need places we can go in our heads where we are centred, calm and focused, and we need to give that gift to young people, that gift where music can put you in a place, out of real time, where you can be yourself in a protected environment and to allow the gradual, beneficial process of acquiring a vocabulary for emotional expression. - Howard Goodall, Musician, Singing Ambassador

The official website of Howard Goodall, CBE, the award winning British broadcaster and composer of musicals, choral music, Film and TV scores.

Regler för lärarinna

Regler för lärarinna

Write your own quiz, download QR codes for each one, post the codes around the room, students find and answer the questions with a smartphone or iPad.  Fun and educational!

One of the things that I have really wanted to try was to do a QR code treasure hunt. With QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator it is easier than ever!


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