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Refreshing Lemon Face Toner Recipe Ingredients: 3 tsp lemon extract Juice of one lime 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol Instructions: Combine ingredients in a small bowl. Transfer to a jar and shake well. Store in the refrigerator. Tightens your pores, refreshes your skin, and helps remove oils from skin.

I have been making my own vitamin C serum from this recipe. Works great - skin more even tone and brighter. Wrinkles no so evident. I love it. Bought the ingredients online: L ascorbic acid powder, vegetable glycerine, and vitamin e. I have distilled water.

Nourishing Face Serum Recipe Ingredients:3 tablespoons Almond oil 5 drops of Chamomile Essential oil 10 drops Neroli Essential oil Directions Add the carriers oils to a dark, glass bottle. Then add the essential oils, shake well. Apply 2 drops to face and neck. Shake before each use. Shelf life: 3 months

Don't get headaches much? You're lucky — use those few extra aspirin lying around to crush with apple cider vinegar and water into a toner that softens and smoothes skin. Make enough for a month's supply to keep rough skin, enlarged pores and dull skin at bay (but not headaches).

Dry Skin Night Replenishing Cream Recipe Ingredients: 1/4 cup sesame oil 1/4 cup sunflower oil 1 Tsp liquid lecithin 1 Tsp lemon juice 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 Vitamin E Caplet or 3 drops Vitamin oil Directions Gently beat all ingredients in a blender. Refrigerate. 2 month shelf life when in fridge. apply at night to clean face.

Baking Soda Lemon Exfoliating Face Cleanser Ingredients: Lemon juice Baking Soda Instructions: In a small bowl, add about 2 tbs baking soda. Slowly apply lemon juice. The mixture will foam and fizz. Apply enough juice to make a thin, loose paste. Apply to skin in a circular motion for a minute or 2. Rinse with a warm cloth and water. Smooth, clear skin!

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