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Having a hard time focusing or paying attention? Do you feel energy depleted every day? This could be signs of a leaky brain.

Brain Fog: The Gut's Role in Brain Health

Brain Fog: The Gut's Role in Brain Health - Summit Integrative Wellness

Suffering With Cancer, Thyroid Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Cysts, or Weight Problems

Five Essential Nutrients You Should Be Supplementing- iodine, magnesium, MSM (organic sulfur), vitamin d

Sabia que temos um segundo cérebro no intestino?

If you've ever felt your gut react when you've felt nervous, angry, anxious or depressed, you're not alone. Find out more about the gut brain connection

Low energy in the morning or afternoon

Low energy in the morning or afternoon? Salt or sugar cravings? See if your symptoms indicate low thyroid or adrenal fatigue.

I've done this many times when tired and still not remember what you've read. That's when wisdom says "just go to sleep".

I've read this sentence 4 times. I've read this sentence 4 times. Brain fog from dysautonomia

Your thyroid plays a critical role in your body from metabolism to heart function to energy levels and lots more! Learn the many ways you can support this vital body part to improve your health and feel your energetic best!

Nine Ways to Improve Your Thyroid Health

The Ultimate Strategy For Solving Thyroid Disorder Symptoms Come a little closer and listen up. This is the well-hidden "Ultimate Strategy" for dealing with thyroid disorder symptoms, you've been waiting to hear about.

The Brain, Jigsaw Puzzle at Eurographics

Brain 1000 Piece Puzzle: The human brain is a complex and fascinating part of our anatomy, Learn about the different regions of the brain and about brain s

Ayuredic Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph Cleanse for Your Health. A very neglected bodily system that is the work horse for keeping us healthy. There are many ways to support your lymph system, when your lymph system is congested, you can have many outward health problems that are never a