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I totally feel this way! Every time im the hurt one with nothing left because i give all of me away.

Big wake-up call about that guy. He didn't respect or value me. So now I no longer care for any part of him. And there's nothing more creepy than a 66 yr old guy in Super Man pajamas. Seriously.

I have given up on myself but I will not give up on her. You gave up on me. But I promised I wouldn't do that.

I can relate so much

Every time I lay curled up next to him with my head on his chest feeling his heart beat. Every time I knew that I was slowly growing more tired.

Don't just assume...

And NEVER tell someone w/ anxiety, "You'll be fine, " or, "just calm down," bc you have no clue what they are physically feeling.

This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent!!!

Even when I realized I couldn't trust you I had already given so much of me it didn't seem fair to walk away with nothing