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Beautiful ♡ Hiccup ^.^ ♡ I give good credit to whoever made this

The Dragon Tamer

Hiccup and Toothless. Toothless looks badass right there

I think this is a wolf dragon hybrid of toothless.

Brothers < Hiccup and Toothless. :)

Brothers < Hiccup and Toothless.

Here are the official height charts for How to Train Your Dragon 2!

Here are the official height charts for How to Train Your Dragon Because we needed to know that hiccuo gotbtaller. But I love that he is finally taller than Snotlout

Hiccup and Toothless, the best duo in the animated business. "There is no Hiccup without Toothless!"

Hiccup, is eighteen, likes dragons, exploring and his eighteen year old dragon Toothless, wants a good home together!

THAT'S RIGHT! Mwahahahahahah! THIS!!!! <---- just died laughing, this is great!

Run for your life Hiccup. Cause we gon fine u!

HTTYD Hiccup and Astrid adult by Phobs.deviantart.com

Actually I draw this a long time ago, but this evening I decide to color it)) Hiccup and Astrid years later )) *somehow I can imagine Astrid in dress mu. HTTYD Hiccup and Astrid adult

Not the usual type of fanart of Hiccup that I pin (he actually looks slightly evil here) but for some reason I really like it. :)

“ Fire cannot kill a dragon. ” I wanted to draw Hiccup with a ‘fire tornado’ again. I have no excuses.

HtTYD-Skydive by Cloudghost.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Skydive by Cloudghost . How to train your dragon, toothless, hiccup, night…

Definitely !!! OMG this would be so much better with the gig tho right?

U say u don't like HTTYD u r dead to me