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tattoo for the blind!

Braille Tattoos--- Joseph would probably never let me get one! He freaks at the words "body modification!

Rob Spence is on a quest to create an eye that can contain a power source and working camera. In order to gain publicity for his Eyeborg project, he proved that a power source could, in fact, be placed within an eye socket, by creating a shocking red LED eye. This stunt has launched the project into the limelight.

Cyborg eye body mod - Something not quite right with this guys mental state.

stonecutters tattoo - Google Search

stonecutters tattoo - Google Search

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fuckyeahtattoos: This is my tattoo of the Disney castle blue prints! Done by Lydia at Utility in Halifax.

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The four elements and Aristotle's fifth: Earth Water Fire Air and Aether (stars universe)

Elements tattoo - The four elements and Aristotele's fifth - earth, water, fire, air, and aether (stars + universe). The quote translates to 'There is no easy way from earth to the stars'.