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Brussels sprouts are an often unfairly disliked vegetable. Find out how the right recipe and cooking method make all the difference with our Brussels Sprouts Tart.

Пастила из яблок: Яблоки вымыть и вырезать сердцевину. Слишком мелко крошить не стоит, достаточно разрезать яблоко на 2~4~8 частей. Дольки выложить в толстостенную кастрюлю на дно которой налить 3 ст ложки воды. Варить под крышкой до размягчения яблок (10~15 мин). Хорошо размять толкушкой. Оставить кастрюлю с массой на маленьком огне для упаривания (крышку снять). На противень или решетку положить пергамент, выложить на него уваренную массу и разровнять, Сушить в приоткрытой духовке при t…

HOW TO MAKE FRUIT LEATHER: Step-by-step guide for making fruit leather, puréed fruit, spread out and dried, then rolled up to store. A great way to use up excess fruit of the season

Pumpkin Freekah salad!!

The first ever Halloween salad featuring a freaky grain - freekah! You are going to love this as part of your holiday tradition this year.

This Veggie Power Bowl topped with Cashew Honey Mustard Dressing is just what you need after a workout. It’s power-packed with quinoa, sweet potatoes, dried tart cherries, spring greens, roasted tofu, and sunflower seeds that will keep you fueled and speed recovery.

Veggie Power Bowl with Cashew Honey Mustard Dressing

Veggie Power Bowl with Cashew Honey Mustard Dressing. This Veggie Power Bowl recipe will give you the energy boost you need for marathon training!

Spring salad

A perfect combination of in season spring veggies and homemade dressing made from tahini paste combine in this delicious salad. Learn about sesame and find out how to use this powerhouse seed in the kitchen.

The Green Blossom Kitchen-Chicago

An overloaded sweet potato packed full with healthy fats including avocado, pistachio, olive oil and goat cheese. Our take on healthy comfort food.