Kerstboom aan het plafond. Weinig ruimte in huis? hang de boom gewoon aan het plafond!

the Upside down Christmas tree takes up less space and shows great originality. Love this idea for my cubicle. I can have a tree and everyone can enjoy it since it takes up no room on my desk area and is high enough that all my co-workers can see it too

Sapin suspendu... ...

Standing upside-down or hanging from the ceiling, alternative Christmas trees reinvent old trends and reflect original European traditions, bringing creativity into modern Christmas decorating

Originele kerstballen maken

Hand-Printed Ornaments - Skylar's first baby-sitter made these with the kids every year and gave them to us as a gift. It is one of my favorite ornaments. For little kid hands, you just need to use a small ornament instead of the big ones pictured.

oh, il a la tête à l'envers !

Want a truly unique Christmas tree this year? How about an upside-down Christmas tree! So intrigued, will surely get lots of wow :o)

Kitsch Christmas tree

Sock monkey Christmas tree, by Tobi Fairley. I'm not a sock monkey fan, per se, but I love a colorful tree.

Floor space problem? Then hang the tree from the ceiling. BRILLIANT

Opened up my new grandinroad catalog and saw this lovely idea some genius had. I'd like to see the look on a spouse's face when they see the holiday honey-do list: please hang tree upside down from ceiling.

I am so going to hang my tree upside down. Great Idea for a small room. i so love that big red bow!

I am so going to hang my tree upside down. Great Idea for a small room or someone with a curious toddler (out of reach! i so love that big red bow!