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we try to reach for the stars, but only ever get stuck in the clouds to fall back to the big blue planet we call home

( Open!) Margaret)) I stay after school to finish my art project. It's due in a few days and I want everything to be perfect. I mix together blue and green, trying to get the perfect color for the lake. Then from behind me I hear you say...

Harvard Project Zero's 8 Artist Habits of Mind (aka Studio Thinking) provides a great framework for planning your personal growth as an educator. If you haven't had the opportunity to reboot, retool and renew your own plans, there is

this still wouldn't stop me from almost drinking the paint water tbh

Paint Water / Not Paint Water Mugs by Hallie Bateman – The Colossal Shop For anyone who's ever dunked their brush in the tea!

Shared Vision/Sight Sharing: The user of this power can share the sight of two or multiple people, the power can let other people see what user is seeing from their point of view. The user can even let others see the user's past sights and scenes as a way to relay information to them.

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