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Kit Kat Birthday Cake Recipe - Pigs in Mud (kid video)

Funny pictures about Pigs Playing In The Mud Cake. Oh, and cool pics about Pigs Playing In The Mud Cake. Also, Pigs Playing In The Mud Cake photos.

Best friend

These 15 Animals Without Hair Are Barely Recognizable

Ready for my close-up: The adorable baby grey langur monkey showed he was not camera shy when pictured near his Indian home. HES SMILING !

Is this the world's cutest baby monkey? Tiny grey langur shows his beautiful blue eyes during stunning close-up

Funny animals collection | Funny pictures, videos, stories ...

Funny animals collection

Bonobos are not ordinary animals, mammals, primates, or monkeys! Bonobo is our closest cousin.DNA similarities between man and the Bonobo primates is an incredible 99.5%.Yes, just so, almost the same. Bonobo is more like a man and closer to a gorilla. And just one more thing, do not mix Bonobos and Chimpanzees, as many people do in the dark.Bonobos need only hair, to be homonides.

Bonobo monkeys - playing airplane I guess all of God's children like to play airplane!

An unsteady baby chimp takes steps away from his mother at a zoo.  - photo by Konrad Wothe

Mexico hit by massive magnitude 8 earthquake sparking US tsunami warning

In this photo a baby chimp is seen taking its first steps away from its mother. Photographer Konrad Wothe captured the chimp's first brave steps towards his camera in Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania, Africa.

I really think that monkeys are cute but my favorite animal is a red panda

Orphaned baby orangutans safe to sleep in peace

Nap-time: Rickina and Rocky snooze Orphaned baby orangutans safe to sleep in peace. They look the picture of contentment as they doze on the ground. So it’s hard to believe these orphaned orangutans.

Squirrel made from glove:  What a cute idea! Great for those $1 gloves you get. Another GREAT Nursery gift idea:)

Squirrel made from glove. I bought grey gloves today for Hopefully they will be transformed into a little grey squirrel within the month. Toooooo many projects on my plate, but I want to get to the squirrel sooner than later

ORANGUTAN piece: faces

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