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That is weird on so many levels!!

That is weird on so many levels!

Our generation is probably the last one that has to deal with these weird texts we get from our parents. Description from likealaugh.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

The mom is saying that Easter is ruined and the daughter is filling bad about hurting a bunny, I love it

these are adorable and hilarious.. but just makes me realize how single i am...

Some messages makes you smile

Check out to get some laughs from jokes sms, and funny texts messages. Funny text messages between couples, parents and kids

Texting this to everyone

I'm gonna randomly text this to a friend one day . (friends be warned XD)<<< Me and my friends are random, so they probably would laugh and send me something even more random.<<<I taught me friends the gummy bear abcs so they'd just join me

Top 4 #Hilarious Text Messages By Funny Dog

I don't know what it is about dog text messages, but I literally cried while reading this. I wish my dog could text.

Kids are weird

Kids are weird

Page 6 - Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

My BFF Ans has totally dreamed up schemes like this for entertainment <- i am so like your best friend

24 Funny & Weird Texts That Will Make Your Day.

emergency question, where can I keep a baby goat I impulsively bought? his name is Billy