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It's so true! Their owners are what makes them an aggressive dog. All they want is to be loved and give it back.

Coconuts kill 150 people each year. You are 60 times more likely to be killed by a coconut than a pit bull. Wow you might as well keep a coconut in Maryland.

Sad but true. Humans are the monsters.

My only flaw? I love & trust my human so much that i do anything they ask of me.Stop Animal Cruelty


Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Pit Bulls. Must Read especially for a Pit Bull lover.

pitbulls portraits | cachedamerican pitbull dog portrait graffiti 14 weeks pregnant with ...

There is no such thing as a bad dog. Only a bad owner. pitbulls are only as mean as you make them

This is totally my dog. He steals socks and will trade them to you for a treat lol.

This is totally my dog. He steals socks and will trade them to you for a treat…

Its a fact they are True Nanny Dogs they protect their people especially their little people.

An old, but still awesome story. Some places incorrectly say he is a Pit Bull. Pits are awesome, but in this case the credit has to go to the Dogo Argentino breed. things-that-make-me-smile

Dag on right

Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Remember: When you come to my house, my pets live here. YOU are just a guest!

pitbulls are just about the nicest dogs there are!

Why It's Ridiculous People Still Think Pit Bulls Are Inherently Mean (INFOGRAPHIC) Get your facts straight people. They are so sweet!

Born to Love

Born to love, taught to hate. This adorable will either be a dream come true or a total nightmare. depending on what his owner teaches him. Penalize bad owners, not the breed.

That's why my dad lives in a shit house. Cause no one would let him rent since he has a pit bull. Pablo((the pit bull)) is the sweetest dog on the universe. We've had him his whole life.

You can own a tiger in Miami, but not a pit bull. Stop bsl its an unfair & ridiculous practice! No bad dogs, just bad owners. Punish the owners not the dogs!