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Supernatural. He literally blinks and he’s Misha. Yes, he's one of the last of the Mohicans...an actual ACTOR that actually ACTS like someone he's not...actually.

I love this gif because you can pinpoint the exact moment Cas becomes Misha. He literally blinks and he’s Misha.<<< this is so true wow

And this is exactly why i loves this crazy man <3

Who Is Misha Collins?

Every fangirl needs a misha blowing her a kiss through the screen

This is freaking fabulous

Misha Collins on

Misha Collins ‏ Hey my son is lost & frustrated & can't finish this puzzle. Any words of advice for him?

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Misha Collins. <--- Only one of these "Unless you can be...." that I actually agree with!

"Misha is all of us." yeah, that's exactly what happens when I turn my camera on and the FRONT camera is on and yeah, it's bad haha

He looks like he's done with the world

I often feel this way about everyone. He learned that from his boyfriend.<---that comment killed me. <--- haha "learned that from his boyfriend". I would totally be able to see it if the comment didn't kill me too