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A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing. - Elizabeth I at Lifehack Quotes

Thank goodness for that when courts of "justice" fail for whatever reason. The punishment from another's hand is not nearly as bad as what one knows how to do to themselves. (Now THAT is karma.)

Since Little Manhattan, baby!...he's just finally old enough to be HOT now! haha.. not that it's a competition to see who has liked him longest, its just annoying when people pretend they've been fans forever as soon as someone is in something REALLY big.

FACT- it's a conscience. Not a conscious. Americans with higher educations (or not) who don't know their words. Sometimes making something look official, makes people believe it's official. It's still just the Internet. Ugh.

If you automatically jump to the conclusion that it's about you, that's your fault not mine. Cause that means your guilty conscience is convicting you not me. So just stop being an ass hat and we won't have a problem.

Got to make known public. DL has no legal shit on me she has threatened for years and nothing. And if she did she wouldn't be provoking me and attacking me. She needs to leave me alone. Mind her own business cause if this ever did go to court id Bury her

Ha! Spending almost 3 years with a cheat, I was constantly accused of it! If I so much as had a conversation with a male and he found out, he'd question what was going on with me and that male! It was pathetic. I can honestly say I was stupidly faithful.