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If we wait for motivation, it may never come. By choosing discipline, we give ourselves the power to create results of our own.

30-Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners - if you're just getting into yoga, this month-long challenge is a great place to start! The challenge is made up of 30 separate 10-20 minute videos. All you have to do is do one video at home every day. I already feel healthier and better for it!

O Fronteiras do Pensamento promove conferências internacionais e desenvolve conteúdos múltiplos com pensadores, artistas, cientistas e líderes em seus campos de atuação.

The Truth That Can Change Humanity: THE PINEAL GLAND

Humans are bestowed with a certain part of their brain known as the pineal gland or also known as our third eye. The reason as to why it is called pineal is for it’s shape, like a pine cone. Comments comments

Yoga Poses for Neck Pain

Body pain could feel as though everything else takes a back seat. Pain and discomfort can take over, affecting life on a daily basis. One common area of the body that can injure easily or cause pain is the neck. With proper therapy and consultation with a doctor, that pain could subside.

Awaken mindset will take you to a journey of meditation, self and collective motivation, spiritual evolution, nutrition habits, yoga, health and more