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Uni sterling dragonstyle dragestil brooch Norway could totes be a sealion!

Because I HATE how tangled my jewlery gets while traveling--it would work great for a temporary move. I wouldn't have to leave it behind.

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Donar / Thunor / aka Thor Odinsson - Protector of Asgard and Midgard, friend to all honorable folk .

Detail of a belt buckle from Sutton Hoo, England, burial - 7th century A.D.

Detail of a belt buckle from Sutton Hoo, England, burial - century A.

Depicting two tangled serpents, coiled around a small clear crystal upon a circular disc, this amulet is called simply Nathair, the Celtic word for snake.  This makes it a powerful token of wisdom and guile, with the snake frequently being revered as a creature that embodies these qualities. Wear it to help focus your thoughts when you are in need of patience and in this find greater wisdom to guide your actions. This amulet, made of pewter, measures approximately 1 1/4" in diameter. $7.95

The Celtic Snake pendant measures approximately 1 and is made of pewter.

Celtic Triple Stag

3 stags into a circle inspired by an old Pictish motif. One ink drawing Three Stags