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We've had enough of the Liberal Left criminal corruption elite in Washnigton D. Thanking God for our new President Donald Trump! Keep voting America, 2018 vote out the corruption!

And better yet, someone who loves the only true God and His Son, Jesus Christ. For if he has the love of the Father in him, and our people repent and turn to God, God will be just and show His mercy towards us.

Confessions Of A Conservative Soccermom: Homophobe, Racist, Sexist, Oppressive, Intolerant...

We The People.on being Patriots.Guilty as charged. We Speak Our Minds.Stand For God.The Bible.The Constitution.And We Stand With Israel.The Children of God.What do the liberals call us?

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Never bow down. I will bow down to no man. But I do bow down to our creator. I was named after Eisenhower and I back his stance on freedom and Democracy.

WARNING: SPECIFIC THREAT -	Executive Order 13603 allows Executive, unilateral action to takeover control of EVERY resource and function in this country. Though this EO is an amendment to a previous one, it allows for this power even in times of PEACE, not just war. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to research this. https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2012/03/22/2012-7019/national-defense-resources-preparedness

Executive Order 13603 - The American people are now officially conscripted slaves under this order that President Obama recently signed at any time that he chooses (under both emergency OR non-emergency situations)! THE POISON OBAMA PEN !

Democracy v. Republic (USA) - I used this wrong all the time - we're also a Representative Republic rather than a Democracy (I am usually using the term democracy very generally when I use it)

And to the REPUBLIC for which it stands, one nation under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for all. The United States of America is a REPUBLIC NOT a Democracy.

Benghazi The fact that this faithful patriot was relieved of his command tells you all you need to know about the criminality of the Soros- Sotero regime.

Read this about General Carter Ham who was in Benghazi on resisted the Obama Stand Down order and was relieved of his command w/in minutes. Obama wanted those 4 Americans to die.


Leave it to Maxine . Something to think about Our Military. Very True! God Bless Our Military . Not strong enough words to tell you how much we Admire and Appreciate your Service.

Israel has been a huge ally of the United States. But with Obama in office, Israel might have to defend itself.

There is one Middle Eastern country wher citizens don't burn American flags. Please support Israel!


I want my country back! I want honest people in govt that live under the same laws i do. I want people in govt to have the same health care and retirement plan i have. I want the federal govt cleaned OUT!

War is the enemy, it´s based on ambithion, a root of many things that can become our enemies ...

Funny pictures about Difference between war and revolution. Oh, and cool pics about Difference between war and revolution. Also, Difference between war and revolution.

Old Glory (Posted by “Under The Bleachers”)

Old Glory (Posted by “Under The Bleachers”)