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Luffy I always say this phrase whenever I start struggling with my study and it gives me  enforcement

"If you don't take risks, you can't create a future! Monkey D. Luffy quote poster from the most popular Anime series of all time;, One Piece

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i like one piece so much because there so many GREAT quotes there ^^ like this one, when luffy said it. it gave me motivation. i hope this bless y. One Piece Quote - Monkey D Luffy

Ace? Kills me each time I come across something that even slightly mentions it. I cry each time too. Sometimes I'm in a really good mood then all of a sudden I remember this or some other scene from one piece and I feel like I've had a bucket of over cold water dumped on me. I get depressed pretty soon after that an curse  lot

Oh Ace you make my heart hurt so so so dearly, I may it may not have Gotten chills and teared up