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Advice #10

Advice #10

We choose what to hold on to and what to let go of. Choose wisely. Sometimes letting go will have a better impact on a happy life than holding on.

The most beautiful thing we can learn, is how to let go: of grudges, the past, poisonous people. It's a great measure of courage.

Freedom isn't free

a man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football. and no one should make that for playing a sport! AND the soldier should get WAY more RESPECT and HONOR than them too.

'Less Stress' Wall Sign..if some is good and more is better....this might offer me the push  need! lol

'Less Stress' Wall Sign I feel like this describes the American Dream because it is stressless and every one in America is wanting to find ways to relax and not be so busy but still work hard.