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Such a fun way to create a veggie tray...looks just like a turkey!

Besides being super yummy these fruit and veggie platters are fun to make with your kids or bring them to your holiday dinner party and wow everyone! Fruit Gobbler Image via Family Fun The Juiciest.

Eet ze rauw, of bak ze op de barbecue! Geweldig idee. Op Google zijn meerdere filmpjes te vinden hoe ze te snijden. Zoek met "pepper frog". Oogjes zijn zo te zien pijnboompitten met een zwart stipje.

Paprika kikkers (Kindertraktaties)

I liked this until I saw they grilled them! Poor little bell pepper frogs :( Here's the pinner's caption: "GRILLED PEPPER FROGS: How cool is this idea? We've also found a little video of a young child making one of these frogs, via Kids Cook Monday.

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Fruit and Cheese Plate Idea/cut the fruit into thin slices for easy arranging and eating