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Soooo freaking annoying as well as just sending a :) <<< yeah how are you supposed to respond to :)<<< I know right I mean wow a :) I'm speechless<<<<< so true, i deal with this too much

why my text messages are 5 pages long

why my text messages are 5 pages long

Yep! For example: If you bully me expecting me to get mad and cry and watever, I'm gonna kill you with kindness, well actually im going to be really nice and just kinda creep you out lol.

Girls fact my attitude is based on how you treat me - Very true. Treat me like an ass and you will see how much I will rage.

MORE OF GIRLS FACTS ARE COMING HERE  funny, love quote, and relatable posts to females

But then we'd all eventually shut off our emotions because they were too painful and we'd all never learn to get stronger

Someone give me an award I just made a world record

And that's when the fight started...