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Anonymous - Der Gute Hirte

Anonymous - Der Gute Hirte x cm)

Ayline Olukman - Holiday Motel - Miami Highway

Kunstdruck Poster: Holiday Motel - Miami Highway von Ayline Olukman

Ayline Olukman - Holiday Motel - Miami Highway x cm)


“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” ― Candace Bushnell ~ art by Lee Jee-Hyung

Miguel Arcangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, read and learn about this powerful Angel of God in these tumultuous times! when tempted and beseiged by evil, turn in prayer for help from Gods warrior Angel! He will come to your aid!

Jodi Jones - Eve

Kunstdruck Poster: Eve von Jodi Jones

Jodi Jones - Eve - Art Print order at discounted prices!

The Feast of the Guardian Angels (2nd October) fell on a Sunday this year and thus hasn't received the prominence it would otherwise have done. In this Q&A post about our heavenly guardians, Fa...

Our Guardian Angels

Prayer To One's Guardian Angel Hail, holy angel of God, guardian of my soul and body. By the sweet heart of Jesus, Son of God, for the love of him who created you and me

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Kunstdruck Poster: Paisibles dans un rouge éloquent von Marylin Cavin

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Τσόκος Διονύσιος (1820 - 1862)  Βάπτιση σε εκκλησία της Ζακύνθου, π. 1855. Λάδι σε μουσαμά. Συλλογή Ιδρύματος Ε. Κουτλίδη.  Tsokos Dionysios (1820 - 1862)  Baptism in a Church on Zakynthos, ca 1855. Oil on canvas. Ε. Koutlidis Foundation Collection

Hellas: Painters and Manos Hadjidakis

Waltraud Nawratil - Mohnblumenstrauß

Kunstdruck Poster: Mohnblumenstrauß von Waltraud Nawratil

Waltraud Nawratil - Mohnblumenstrauß - Art Print order at discounted prices!