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Lot 1946 - Dinky, 505 Foden flat truck with chains, 1st type cab, dark green cab, chassis and flatbed,

Dinky # 502 Foden type 1 flat truck, orange cab and chassis, mid-green flash and hubs

Lot 1966 - Dinky, 902 Foden flat truck, 2nd cab, orange cab/chassis, mid-green flatbed and hubs in correct box

Dinky #903 Foden flat truck with tailboard, 2nd type violet blue cab and chassis, orange flatbed, mid-blue hubs

Dinky #501 Foden type 1 diesel 8-wheel wagon, dark grey cab/back, red flash, chassis and hubs

Dinky #504 Foden type 1, 14-ton tanker, dark blue cab and chassis, blue tank and hubs, silver flash