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Shining Like Stars Online: Counting the Cost

Anyone can be bullied This year one-third of students will be involved in bullying. It causes its targets serious effects generally seen only in child abuse and trauma.

Great ways to help your child deal with a bully

5 Ways to Bully-Proof Your Kid - most importantly, TALK with your kids. Be involved, interested & engaged in their lives.

Bully Prevention | dig4kids

The White House Conference on Bullying Prevention materials provide information on how all communities can work together to prevent bullying.

Down Syndrome t-shirt love | Tumblr  https://www.fanprint.com/stores/teeshirtstudio-fut?ref=5750

I love this kid. Special Ed kids are truly special. They mean so much and are such wonderful human beings. I love this picture with every ounce in my boby.

Bullying and Suicide: Get the Facts

Bullying and Suicide: Get the Facts

"Why do kids bully?" A simple question with complex answers. This article lists many of the risk factors that help answer the question, "Why do kids bully?

Chanukah story and relating it to 18 months of cyber bulling

A Chanukah Lesson In Standing Up To Bullies - TechyDad