Super Simple Shawl

Beginning knitters will get along great with the Super Simple Shawl pattern. The basic design of this shawl will allow beginning knitters to master this pattern in no time.

10 Free Baby Bootie Crochet Patterns

10 Free Baby Bootie Crochet Patterns

Simple Lace Shawl  10 or 6 mm Yarn Weight: (5) Bulky/Chunky  Size About 24 x 60 in. (61 x 152.5 cm), at widest and longest points.     LION BRAND UNIQUE (Art. #755)         #204 Moonshadows 2 balls (A)         #202 Oceania 2 balls (B)

Simple Lace Shawl

This drop dead gorgeous shawl is a must have for the cold weather season. Beautiful cascading blocks of warm, rustic colors decorate the Amazing Mitered Shawl.

Maria's Shawl So pretty

Simple yet stylish, the 8 Hour Lace Shawl proves that elegance can be achieved in a hurry. This lovely knit shawl pattern is a light and lacy way to finish an outfit, keep warm in an over-air conditioned restaurant, and give off an air of mystery.

Make a textured scarf pattern for fall with this free knitting tutorial.

Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf

Unleash your imagination with this fun free knitting pattern. The Dragon Scale Keyhole Scarf is a quick and easy knit scarf pattern and makes a great gift as the cold holidays approach. The distinctive patterning on this knit scarf pattern makes it

With this scarf knitting pattern, you can create a lovely scarf in two hours or less. The chunky yarn will keep you warm and stylish through the winter. The fringe, created after knitting the scarf, is a nice touch and very easy to do.

Knit Two Hours or Less Scarf

If you feel like whipping together a new winter accessory this weekend, check out this free knit scarf pattern. In just a matter of hours, you& be able to create a cozy scarf in less than two hours with this lovely Two Hours or Less Scarf.

Escapist Lace Shawl

24+ Shawl Knitting Patterns for Fall

When summer comes to an end and the weather starts to cool these Shawl Knitting Patterns for Fall will keep you warm and stylish. These shawl knitting patterns are great for any occasion.

A Lace Scarf/Shawlette pattern for those who are new to Lace knitting or for those who wanted an easy lace pattern to knit. "If you have never knit with a fine gauge yarn then this one may be just for you."

Easy Peazy Scarf/Shawlette by Megan Delorme FREE PATTERN on Ravelry knit top-down with lace weight yarn on needles