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In this article from The Guardian, Slinkachu explains how he makes his unique brand of street art.

Go Where Raisins Swell Into Grapes, And Lemons Light The Sky

Artist Slinkachu...The miniature world


slinkachu - Bing images

Little People - a tiny street art project: Balancing Act

Secret Britain travel guide part one: Slinkachu on street artists

Little wonders Street artist Slinkachu explains why he's driven to create witty scenes in miniature

Balancing+Act Miniature Street Art with the Little People. (i would call it the borrowers on pharmaceuticals)

From the story: Slinkachu creates, and then abandons, tiny installations around London using reworked railway model figures that he then records photographically. He explains: "I really like the idea that you can be trundling to work one day and find some uncommissioned outdoor art, something on the floor or pasted on a wall. I prefer work that isn't thrust in your face."

Little People - a tiny street art project

Wish I had thought of that...