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What do you mean it's a cup holder? I believe you a mistaken, I fit in it, its a "cat holder", geez

teacup pig, i don't want to be with you...right now

Daily dose of cuteness :-) Would love to find a lil oinker like this guy under next year's Christmas tree


Knowing what a baby our lab is compared to our kittens.this makes me worried for the lab.

Munchkin cats. Interesting. (http://puzzlecubesworld.com/about-us/)

16 Problems Every Petite Girl Deals With

The Munchkin is a cat breed created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in cats with abnormally short legs. They are dachshunds among cats. The Munchkin is a cat breed cr

ron weasley  rocks! (best pin ever)

Mark Reads ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’: Chapter 3

cute little kitten in a knitted green and yellow striped hoodie. what's cuter than a kitten in a hoodie? absolutely nothing.

Good Night Glitter Graphics | for forums: [url=http://www.imagesbuddy.com/good-night-kitten-graphic ...

Pictures of really cute cats. Pictures of really cute cats. Pictures of really cute cats and dogs.

Hey Snoopy! Can't you see we don't want to be disturbed!

Cat and Kitten chilling in the sink! Reminds me of Tia always hanging out in the bathroom sink.