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tupperware vintage

tupperware vintage

When everything was closed on sunday?

Stores were only open Monday through Saturday - closed on Sunday! Sunday's were truly days of rest and family. The Blue Law made it illegal to open on Sunday

Look mom, no helmets, no elbow pads!

Look mom, no helmets, no elbow pads!

Eraser for typewriters

Old school typewriter erasers. My students probably don't even know what a typewriter is!

Vintage Tupperware pitcher, 1960's.

Medical Tape, NonSterile, White, 2 Inch X 10 Yards - 6 Per Box

Vintage Tupperware pitcher, I remember making kool-ade in one of these.

rotary push mower, I remember my father using one of these before the gas mower, and my grandmother still using one in her 80's!

A reel rotary push mower was the first mower we had.later came the gasoline powered ones we used to keep our yard cut.--It took 3 days to mow our yard. I hated the back yard--it had a slight hill--very hard work. For gas power!

One of my mother's favorite phrases.  Even as a 4 year old, it didn't make sense to me.

~ Keep Crying and I'll Give You Something To Cry About / omg I heard this a million times growing up

Woolworth's on 63rd Drive in Rego Park courtesy of My Vintage Leftovers.

Diner menu from Woolworth's five & dime lunch counter in the Note the prices. I used to love to have lunch at Woolworth's on Church St.

I could stay there all day reading the album covers and listening to music

flipping through albums in a record store. THE record store Tower records when I was a kid, and then looking through all the CDs with my son when he was a teenager! I miss Tower Records!

Remember this? Are you still using this to dry your hair? Then why are you still using skin care that has not updated. We have no parabens or sulfates. All natural, sea plant based. Make sure you look at the ingredients in your skin care then check out ours. Vie is not afraid for you to look at the product ingredients. We posted it on our website. www.fleurdevie.co

I remember these. Just the best thing Ever! A PORTABLE hair dryer?My aunt and mother both had one. Your head looked like a giant marshmallow!

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faberge organics shampoo, if you tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends etc.