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Love it!

I am so excited for the day I finally get to tell my future pitbull the story of how he was rescued

I will trade you for a treat.

I hate that Pitbulls have become "black listed" in a way. The fighting dogs are TRAINED to act that way. If we treat them well, Pitbulls are an amazing and sweet breed of dog. My baby boy is wonderful & hes a pitbull!

What they really do

Remind me of mine.really missing Juke.our newest guardian angel.

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Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Pit Bulls. Must Read especially for a Pit Bull lover.

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Pit bull love

I really hope that dogs ears are not cropped like that. Their ears are perfect they should never be cropped.

Poor baby

Love will heal you ♥dog abuse is so sad. All dogs do is love you unconditionally :(

Awesome Group hug!

My name is Beacon, and I'm a deaf white pit bull. I'm smart, sweet and will kill you.

Pitt bulls are AWESOME! Sweetest & most loving dog I have ever had!