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Yeah and Poseidon is Sultan

Lmfao I thought it actually was an Aladdin parody at first but then Percy's comments just killed me omg<<why is Percy so tanned?

That's so me!! Ancient Greece unit in social studies. I literally aced the pre-test. Kinda of, i got two wrong out of 20. still good though!!

Haven't read Percy Jackson but I was so into Greek and Roman mythology as a kid - this was me! it's step aside /mortals/ not peasants.

@pipeloesctoe dude when you said that comment "Make it blue"

>So close to being a normal fandom.< Is there really such a thing as a NORMAL fandom? Fangirls will never know anything remotely resembling normalcy.

random Thursday day

Sorry I didn't have the time to do this 2 days ago, I was busy, but Happy (late Thanksgiving guys! Or Happy random Thursday.


15 Reasons Why We Should Of Stopped Reading Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent And Twilight. But honestly though nothing will stop me from reading.

(raises hand)

"Is this a reaction, or example?" - You know, it seems that the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus fandom, is usually the ones who have a reaction that is also an example. Do you guys remember that one with Annabeth?

This is SO accurate

I love anybody who loves Percy Jackson, unless it's the movie they love and not the book.

XD <3

FOR PEANUT BUTTER! <<<<hahaha but imaginr Tyson eating peanut butter when Percy was gone and trying to cheer annabeth up by giving her sloppily made PB sandwiches