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Watercolor painting - Lovers - Titanic movie poster
I changed my mind #titanic
““I’m not haunted by it, but it certainly follows me. I’ve been to the Amazon, and people with no clothes on, and I’m not exaggerating, know about that film. I’ve accepted it.” – Leonardo DiCaprio on his role in Titanic “I remember I was in India...
just head out for the horizon whenever I feel like it
Jack: Im tellin ya. water that cold,like right down there,   it hits you like a thousand knives stabbing you all over your  body.you can’t breathe,you can’t think….at least not about  anything besides the pain.Which is why i’m not looking forward  to jumping in there after you.but like i said. I dont have a choice.  Rose:you’re crazy. Jack:Thats what everybody  says but with all do respect miss im not the one hanging off the   back of a ship here
My favorite Titanic quote... "When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose."
Titanic quote. Rose says this right before she runs off and tries to jump and then ... They meet ❤️
Rose: teach me to ride like a man. Jack: "Chew tobacco like a man." Rose: "And...SPIT like a man!" Jack: what? they didn't teach you that in finishing school?" Rose: "NO!" Jack: "Well come on, I'll show you." this is one of my favorite scenes in the movie!
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