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Summer Fashion for women SOmething to wear for the summer days!

Summer Fashion for women SOmething to wear for the summer days!

sweater, button up, & necklace.

There are 6 tips to buy these jewels: rock purple white gold grey grey blue jeans blond hair blouse jacket jewelry gemstone good chain necklace long necklace stone cardigan speckled cardigan cute gemstone stone necklaces grey cardigan.

How To | Starburst Braid. Orrrr, how how to spend the three hours before you decide on a ponytail. :)jld

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Marlene McKinnon, taken by Rita Skeeter (and later stolen back with many other photographs and documents by James Potter) 1979.  Death Eaters swarmed the muggle bar she’d just left, and Marlene stopped. She scowled vengefully and slowly took her wand out her pocket. She was going to kill one of those bastards today, and nothing would stop her.

"You're going to regret that." Kat spat, turning and facing Josh. Without pausing, she walked over, throwing a carefully angled punch at him.

Wonderful Fall outfit!

knee boots are essential for fall! always wear leggings or super fitted jeans or (shame I know, jeggings) no loose pants! If your socks show up top make sure the color compliments the outfit.