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Collecting honey from a honeycomb of the Giant Honeybee (Apis dorsata) using smoke to subdue the bees, and a bush knife to cut the comb - Sundarban Forest, Bangladesh - ©Tim Laman

"But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you." Psalms 81:16

Honey bees need more than a hive to be successful. Get involved in urban beekeeping by being a bee supporter.

-taking a stroll in the woods, look out for swarms of bees...swarm_of_bees_.jpg

-taking a stroll in the woods, look out for swarms of bees.swarm_of_bees_.

Honey Bee's tongue or proboscis, unfolds like a blow horn toy. It is soft and splays at the end, allowing the bee to suck-up any nectar or water.

Honey Bee Tongue Called a proboscis, the bee's tongue unfolds like a New Year's blow horn toy. It's soft and will splay at the end allowing the bee to suck up any nectar or water.


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Neonicitinoid pesticides can cause an loss in the number of queens produced and a doubling in "disappeared" bees, those that fail to return from food foraging trips: Lena Ason/Alamy

Pretty Bee Anatomy

Fine Art Print of Anatomy of the Honey Bee, Pfurtscheller's Zoological Wall Chart by Paul Pfurtscheller