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Fighting for your attention is leaving ME all bruised up. Tho you'll never see the bruises but whats the difference your a ghost Im fighting for anyway...TRML

I am such a fool and a moron so stupid to ever thought I could trust someone again...I deserve it...I have to stop the pain..I'm not selfish I can't go on.

It does... Momentarily. Afterwards, pick yourself up, knock the dirt off, and move forward! Rejection is direction! Thank God for protection from things you dont know!

20 Love & Heartbreak Quotes From The Wisest Man On Instagram

Oh you mean you like being all over guys and hugging them and rubbing your head all over christian and treating every guy the way youd treat me? Im sure your mom would like to see you foing that Yeah i saw thank you glad that makes you happy

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I only have to think of you and this tired angry face lights up with a smile only you can cause...I love you baby. *j