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This is a simple pink rose and so I named it "Single Rose". The size is 20" x 16" and is framed. I'm asking $140.00 for it.

This is called "Mom's Special Rose" because my mom had the most beautiful flowers in our back yard growing up. This rose was in her rosebed and I always loved smelling their sweet fragrance. I'm asking $120.00 for this one.

I worked on the inside of this umbrella years ago with pastels for an art class. I threw it away years ago because the umbrella was cracked and not able to be repaired. I still thought I'd put this out there.

This is called "Dream Waves" because I've had various dreams where I climb through holes that look like they are filled with light and then they pour into a slide of different adventures in a house or public place. This does not have a frame. I'm asking $100.00 for it.

This painting is called "Smooth Connections II". When I painted it, I felt that it just flowed out of me. The outlines are done in gold leaf. The size is 30" x 30" and I'm asking for $250.00; not framed but no staples around edges.

This is a painting of my mom's tulips years ago. She had the most beautiful tulips ever, however, they died about 6 or 7 years ago, but I have the photo so I never forget them. My dad even said "wow" when he saw it up close for the first time and that was rare. This does not have a black border around it and no frame. It's size is 36" x 24" with no staples on sides. I'm asking $500.00

How to paint a rose - Rose Demonstration in watercolor

How to paint a Rose? Pink Rose Watercolor Painting - Art Lesson - by Doris Joa

"Down on the Farm". Something told me to paint a cow and after looking around the internet, I found the perfect cow for me to paint. I found it on the Straus Family Creamery's website. Once I got permission to paint it, I was excited to get it done. It does not have a frame. I'd like to sell it for $150.00.

Pink Rose Oil Painting on Canvas with Antique Gold Frame - Floral - Fine Art Rose in Bloom - Pink Home Decor - Rose Wall Art - Abstract Oil

Original Oil Painting on Canvas with Antique Gold Frame - Floral - Close up of Rose in Bloom - Pink by JoAnneTuckerArt for 250.00 USD