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As a Pilot Sees The World or.a Bird's Eye View. This collection of aerial photographs gives us a pilot’s (or bird’s!) eye view of places from around the world, casting them in a totally new light.

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This particular depiction of the sun was a symbol of one omnipotent god, introduced by Pharaoh Anhknatun. Many people believe he was actually worshipping the God of Joseph from the Bible, in his own unique way.

Cairo, Egypt, words cannot describe how much I love my country, even if its not doing to we'll at the moment! #egypt #proudtobeegyptian #home

Busy Junction And The Nile With Traditional Boat Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Kokoroimages.com

Words cannot describe how much I love my country, despite its political status at the moment.

This incredible ...Found in a cave in Mount Gauro, in Naples, Italy.    The history and findings are amazing.  Please check out the web site.

Fake - UFO in cave - an April Fool's joke, but I'm seeing it on various woo-woo sites as Suppressed Authentic Proof of Aliens Visiting Earth (woo-woo)

Ancient Egyptian Map - Ancient Egypt Photo (37472440) - Fanpop

Ancient Egypt Map - Illustrative overview map highlighting the main sites and settlements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation

Amsterdam. Aerial view of canals

From New York City to the rice fields of China, there is nothing truly like a bird's eye view. These photos will give you an amazing perspective of places you

You may never see an image like this again...

You may never see an image like this again…

The unbelievable photo taken by the crazy russians who illegally climbed Egypt’s great pyramid. Guys, you may never see an image like this again.